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ETS is not just an “afterhours service” and we don’t offer our assistance to just anybody
Our Services
Our approach to afterhours travel is based on the premise that we are an extension of the daytime service. As such, our staff is trained on the client’s individual needs so as to perform a seamless service in every way. ETS Provides the key services your travelers need. These include:
ETS Core Services
  • 24 Hour Travel Assistance  
  • Dedicated phone lines with custom greetings
  • Daytime Rollover Service
  • Flexible Reporting
  • Online Fulfillment/Queue Monitoring
  • Meeting and Group Air Reservations
The ETS service commitment begins with our state of the art network and systems. Located in our main offices in New Haven, CT they are supported by highly skilled IT and Telecom professionals as well as an extensive Disaster Recovery Plan.
ETS agents operate virtually and are located throughout the country to service all of your travelers. Every reservation booked through ETS agents will be sent to the ETS quality control team for review.
We support your callers using ETS Smart Pops (ESP) our proprietary software that appears on our agents’ screens when the calls are delivered to them. ESP provides our staff with the information necessary to answer callers quickly and accurately. Our agents are all monitored and 100% of our calls are recorded including screen shots of our agents’ video screens.
ETS knows that no two companies are alike and it is imperative to respond to the unique needs of each company. We also understand that many of your travelers may currently use the online booking tools as a viable source for making travel arrangements. We believe embracing this resource is imperative to the success of our after-hours program.

"traveler feedback has been entirely positive!"

Steve Hodges, Mary Kay Travel

75 Main Street, Suite 1020
Norwalk, CT 06851

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